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forward head posture

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9 years 3 months ago
10/01/2010 - 5:01pm
forward head posture

I've had forward head posture for as long as i can remember. Reading your book helped lengthen my spine some, but I feel like there wasn't enough information on corrective action towards reversing forward head. Reading other sources online, it seems forward head has to do with having rounded shoulders, and sitting in front of PC all day (something which is unavoidable in my line of work).As such, I tried pectoral stretches, shoulder excercises like squeezing shoulder blades, etc. I don't really know how long ive been doing this but no real results as of yet. ( 2 ish months on). I also get really strong back spasms in the upper back when i try to tilt my pelvis as shown in your book. should i proceed slowly?


Do you have any recommendations for forward head posture specifically? I think i've lengthened my lower spine with stretchsitting, lying, but the neck still curves excessively. I've tired with this condition for so long, I almost feel like my neck is curved completely the wrong way.  Can you recommend any cervical cushions, as i find it almost impossible to stretchly as outlined in your book with my shoulders at or aroudn shoulder level.  You seem to disagree with the notion of cervical pillows, but im finding it hard to find the right pillow. Also, do you have any sort of timeline for seeing results? I just want to know if my efforts are in vain. I'm 23 years old. Thanks.

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8 hours 13 min ago
09/10/2008 - 8:36pm

I'm seeing your situation played out in a lot of people your age. We really need to change the baby furniture to stem this tide.

Here's the path I would chart for you:

1. Learn all the basics from 8 Steps best you can, preferably by taking an intensive Gokhale Method Foundations course in one of the cities we teach.

2. Instead of using a cervical pillow (which may increase you current cervical curvature), stuff a normal pillow so it fills in the gap behind your neck and the bed.

3. When you feel you have a decent level of awareness of your shoulder and head position, take our Advanced Techniques class or a private (in person or online) lesson to learn a number of mobilizing techniques to help straighten out your upper thoracic spine (this is usually the origin of the problem, more than the shoulders or neck. I think of the neck as beginning at around T5). Mobilizing too early can be counterproductive, ie, allow you to hunch even more. That's why I don't write about these techniques. I think it's important that you have some mastery of the basics first.

4. Tipping your pelvis changes the line up of everything up above it. If it isn't comfortable, don't spend much time stacksitting yet. Do more stretchsitting.

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